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Les Magiciens, Act I (Fenêtres Qui Parlent)

Last month my series was part of the Fenêtres Qui Parlent exhibition in Montreal’s Ville-Marie neighbourhood. Here are some shots of the installation.

Les Magiciens, Act I (so far)

I’ve been working on a portrait series for the last year and thought now is a good time to share the portraits made so far with you.

Les Magiciens started a few years ago as a facebook page for my male photography work. I wanted a platform where I could share my creative work and where it would live on its own, independent from my professional photography facebook page. For years it was simply a page where I shared works I’ve done with male models, often exploration and tests for future creative projects. One of these tests was the first shot from Act I, called « Christopher ». I decided to use a projector and let him react to the light.

With one little exception, the process for making every image following this first experience remained the same; use a projector on someone I meet for the first time and try to illustrate my impression of them with the images used. Here are the portraits done so far.

MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Christopher_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Valentin_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Spencer_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Sebastien_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Samuel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Pawel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Nate_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Mark_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Johann_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Joao_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Gabriel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Eric_2017

Botanical Garden through the Achromat lens (pt. II)




And here is part II of my first outing with Lomography’s Achromat lens. I’ve been using the brass tool for over a month now and must say it is simply amazing. I haven’t gotten over how soft and dreamy the images turn out to be and how light behaves with this lens. I’m completely sold and hardly ever go back to my regular lenses now.






Botanical Garden through the Achromat lens (pt. I)

I recently received the Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat lens, which I had financed months ago through Kickstarter. This is a selection of images I made while walking through Montreal’s Botanical Garden and testing the lens for the first time. I was impressed with the lens and its ability to create wonderful, texturized blurs and spins and bring an ethereal feel to my images. 





Another one from the Desert

I have so many more shots of Death Valley to share. Get ready.


The Grand Canyon (not really)

2015 started there for me.

I took this picture last year, on January 1st, at the Grand Canyon National Park. We all know I’m not an accomplished landscape photographer, and yet… this happened. What you’re seeing is the landscape I saw when I turned my back to the famous Canyon. I remember thinking that this is exactly how I pictured Erin Morgenstern’s Ice Garden or the Pevensies’ first arrival into Narnia. I’m awfully proud of this image.

Looking forward to a healthy and peaceful 2016. 




Teaching Photography

Another semester over. Wow.

Here are some shots I took this last year during my photography class, and few more from some of my students.

I’ve been a photography teacher at the Westmount Visual Arts Center for a year now. Ever since my first class last January I’ve give my Digital Photography class to five groups of remarkable people, introducing them to exposure and color concepts while also discussing the history of art photography and contemporary photography artists from Montreal and around the world. A lot of discussions focused on learning how to get the most out of their digital cameras and how to develop an interest into an artistic practice. I’m starting Photo II next semester, which will allow us to push all of these notions further and help the students become even more comfortable with digital photography.

Its impressive how much I’ve learned from my students this past year about photography, art and even myself. Teaching something I’m so passionate about allowed me to discover it all over again and in a way fall in love with it a second time.

Visit to the Jardin Botanique in December

Visit to the Jardin Botanique in November

ClassModels-2713 copy

Group exercise in class

© Teodora Ghinea, group shot

© Teodora Ghinea, group shot


Visit to the Westmount Greenhouse


Group Mugshot


With guest model Jimmy Desfossés


Group shot, long exposure experimentation

© Audrey Lessard, the group playing with a smoke machine

Group shot, night exploration of Complexe Desjardins

Group shot, night exploration of Complexe Desjardins

© Cynthia Qin « Matt, I have a question… »

WestmountGreenhouse-6547 copy

Visit of the Westmount Greenhouse


Ghosts at the Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, experimentation with multiple exposures

An Abandoned Military Base

To get us in the mood I thought I’d share some pictures of La Barbe and I’s exploration of an abandoned military base in the Laurentians this summer.







Visit to the Dorea Institute, part II

Here are more shots from that evening with La Barbe at the abandoned Dorea Institute. Showing more portraits of the beautiful man and his legendary overalls.

Xavier got me into urban exploring these last few weeks. Shots from our other excursions will be shared very soon!





Visit to the Dorea Institute, part I

Filmmaker and model La Barbe Rousse took me to visit the Dorea Institue in Franklin, Qc. We go there at the exact moment when the sun was setting over the facility and explored a few of the buildings. He was looking for inspiration, and I took the pictures.

Here are some shots from that evening. More to come soon.






If you want to read the full story on this abandoned psychiatric facility: The Abandoned Dorea Institute




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