Les Magiciens, Act I (so far)

I’ve been working on a portrait series for the last year and thought now is a good time to share the portraits made so far with you.

Les Magiciens started a few years ago as a facebook page for my male photography work. I wanted a platform where I could share my creative work and where it would live on its own, independent from my professional photography facebook page. For years it was simply a page where I shared works I’ve done with male models, often exploration and tests for future creative projects. One of these tests was the first shot from Act I, called « Christopher ». I decided to use a projector and let him react to the light.

With one little exception, the process for making every image following this first experience remained the same; use a projector on someone I meet for the first time and try to illustrate my impression of them with the images used. Here are the portraits done so far.

MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Christopher_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Valentin_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Spencer_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Sebastien_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Samuel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Pawel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Nate_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Mark_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Johann_2016 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Joao_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Gabriel_2017 MattAyotte_LesMagiciensAct1_Eric_2017


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