A Family of Trainers

A few months ago I posted some portraits of people with Pokemon. I had started to learn how to manipulate 3D models of Pokemon and adding them to photographs. Ever since that post I have kept working on the tools and figuring out how to make these portraits as realistic as possible. I still have a lot to learn on the process, but I’m slowly getting there.

Here are four pictures of the most adorable family of Pokemon Trainers.

Once again specials go to ROEStudios






One Morning in Yosemite Park

Following my last post of images I took in Death Valley, I thought I’d share those from Yosemite Park. This was our second day in the park. My knee was hurting from a particularly hard hike we had done the before, so I stayed behind to walk around the valley while the other two went on one more hike.

Ansel Adams was right about that place.






Death Valley

« J’ai toujours aimé le désert. On s’assoit sur une dune de sable. On ne voit rien. On n’entend rien. Et cependant quelque chose rayonne en silence… » Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Le Petit Prince

Last month I drove through the American West with two friends. I saw the desert for the first time when we stepped into Death Valley on Dec 31st.

I left 2014 there.









Black and White Challenge

Last week I was nominated by photographer friend Emilie Olson to participate to the Black and White challenge. Rules were simple: share five B&W images in 5 days. Here they are!






Pokemon Trainers

Hello Internet. Introducing you to new work in progress.

I’ve started using 3D models of Pokemon found online and incorporating them into portraits of Pokemon lovers. A funny, modern twist on the tradition of spirit photography. I know I have a lot more to learn about 3D work before I can call these images finished, but I think it’s a good start.

Lot more of these to come!






You’ve met Nico before here, this time we decided to show his incredible skills at costume designing and realization. Taking advantage of the Fall colors at Ile Notre-Dame, we thought of a photoshoot where the background would match his Fire Pokemon costume.







Xia-David & Friends




Internet, meet David.

We met the first night I went to Gaymerzone’s Barcade in Montreal. That night he was wearing a Sailor Jupiter cosplay.

Ever since we became friends David has embraced his feminine side more and more, until he created Xia, his drag queen counterpart. We decided to combine both his identities in a photoshoot we had at Apollon. Here is the result of this collaboration between me and a very promising drag performer.






Le Ruisseau

Parce que le temps nous coule sur le dos

Qu’on se tient au coeur de la cible

Si vite on brûle le champ des possibles

Nager marcher courir le ruisseau

Et les plis sur l’eau deviennent sable, puis grès

On fait le printemps et l’été nous défait.

Le Ruisseau

I did not write the accompanying poem. A friend of mine did. For reasons that remain his own he wishes to stay anonymous. I thank him for his time, effort and creativity.


Le Loup

Switching to french for this post.

Voici Jean-Gilles. Le jeune modèle a participé à un photoshoot que j’ai fait en collaboration avec La Barbe Rousse il y a quelques semaines.

J’ai rencontré Jean-Gilles dans le parc régional de Longueuil ce soir là, quand nous avons fait cette image. Les figurants, la maquilleuse, La Barbe et moi étions couverts de piqûres par les moustiques et avions hâte de finir le projet, mais le jeune homme était inébranlable. Malgré les pleurniches des adultes sur le plateau, le modèle avait un travail à faire et il allait performer! Jean-Gilles a mené le groupe avec un professionnalisme et un enthousiasme qu’on voit rarement chez quelqu’un de son âge.

Aujourd’hui j’ai appris que Jean-Gilles était hospitalisé, en train de combattre une leucémie.

Mes pensées sont toutes tournée vers le modèle et sa famille. Il y a peu choses qui sont plus terribles qu’un enfant qui doit mener une telle bataille contre son propre corps. Jean-Gilles est un beau jeune homme talentueux qui ira loin, et je sais qu’il sortira de son combat victorieux, plus fort et féroce que jamais.


Le Loup

A Single Man

A Single Man - La Barbe Rousse

There are some images you can’t do on your own. So you go to a friend like filmmaker La Barbe Rousse, and you ask him to make the image for you.

I gave him complete power over the image, telling him nothing except « make my portrait! » and he came up with this. He went beyond anything I could have imagined and the result is simply incredible. It was refreshing to switch roles for once, to have the guy I took pictures of so many times plan a shoot for me and make my portrait. La Barbe is a wonderful artist to collaborate with, and I’m forever grateful that he agreed to do this for me.

You can see his own artwork HERE.



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