Teaching Photography

Another semester over. Wow.

Here are some shots I took this last year during my photography class, and few more from some of my students.

I’ve been a photography teacher at the Westmount Visual Arts Center for a year now. Ever since my first class last January I’ve give my Digital Photography class to five groups of remarkable people, introducing them to exposure and color concepts while also discussing the history of art photography and contemporary photography artists from Montreal and around the world. A lot of discussions focused on learning how to get the most out of their digital cameras and how to develop an interest into an artistic practice. I’m starting Photo II next semester, which will allow us to push all of these notions further and help the students become even more comfortable with digital photography.

Its impressive how much I’ve learned from my students this past year about photography, art and even myself. Teaching something I’m so passionate about allowed me to discover it all over again and in a way fall in love with it a second time.

Visit to the Jardin Botanique in December

Visit to the Jardin Botanique in November

ClassModels-2713 copy

Group exercise in class

© Teodora Ghinea, group shot

© Teodora Ghinea, group shot


Visit to the Westmount Greenhouse


Group Mugshot


With guest model Jimmy Desfossés


Group shot, long exposure experimentation

© Audrey Lessard, the group playing with a smoke machine

Group shot, night exploration of Complexe Desjardins

Group shot, night exploration of Complexe Desjardins

© Cynthia Qin « Matt, I have a question… »

WestmountGreenhouse-6547 copy

Visit of the Westmount Greenhouse


Ghosts at the Cimetière Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, experimentation with multiple exposures


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